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What are my clients saying about me?

My Clients References - Therapy Sessions

Ms. Z.

“Hanan is a very pleasant and nice person, and has a very subtle and perceiving approach. When we started our session, she adjusted to my needs and hence I felt complete safety and trust. This helped me face my fears, and Hanan aided me in finding my way into my subconsciousness. She helped me find the reason for my phobia and anxiety and dissolve them, along with the emotions that were linked to them. Thanks to Hanan, I no longer have phobia nor anxiety, or irrational fear from the future. I found inner harmony and now I know how to work on myself. Therapy sessions with Hanan helped me a lot. I would be happy to recommend her.”

Ms. M.

Topic: Stomach issues, missing feelings of hunger, self suppression.

“Hanan created an atmosphere of trust and security. Thanks to that, I was able to be open with her. With her well-aimed questions, I got to the root of my stomach issues and I found out it was related suppressing my neds. With the application of the Quantum Transformation of Mind technique, I accepted my needs and started to deal with my inner child. I fully recommend Hanan as a therapist.”

Ms. K.

“I went through multiple therapy sessions  with Hanan and I feel calmer and more balanced. I now have higher self-confidence and can see my value.
Hanan is very empathetic and knows how to ask the right questions. During our first session, she managed to dissolve my long lasting grieve. Thanks to her, I felt as the superhero of my own life and no longer as a side character. During the following sessions, we approached my phobia of spiders. Hanan guided me deep into my subconsciousness and very strong emotions that were hidden surfaced. Hanan understood my trauma and worked with me in a way that helped me face my fear and observe it in detail. Even though it will be a long journey, now I feel freer and less tied to my negative emotions. Hanan is a great guide through our inner world and knows how to tune into your right frequency.”

Ms. M.

“I had a session with Hanan a few days back and I was so amazed by her personal approach. She’s is very much to the point when she explains her process and is a very good counsellor. She was very patient with me right from the beginning of the session and was accommodative about my constraints. It didn’t take time for her to get a grasp of what my inner fears were and could guide and counsel me on how to address them and rise above them. She was able to explain and articulate well what our usual fears and inhibitions are. I would definitely recommend taking her sessions.”

My Clients References - Workshops

Workshop "Me and my thoughts, me and my emotions"

Ms. Z.

“The workshop was a pleasant time spent among nice people during a Saturday afternoon . Not only did I learn a lot of interesting information about the human mind, how emotions affect our thinking and physical body, but also about some issues that we quite often face in our individual lives. We went through a particular technique and learned how to get into deep relaxation and how to use it as an anchor whenever we feel anxiety, fear, or stress. We also saw a short therapy session on a volunteer followed by a discussion. I liked that the workshop was practical, I learned new things and as participants, we had space to share our opinions and experience together. It was well-spent time and a great workshop! Thank you. I recommend!”

Ms. H.

“A very pleasant and useful workshop with friendly and open atmosphere. With Hanan, you have absolutely no issue talking about your problems and emotions. As a part of the workshop, we could watch a very emotional short therapy session on a volunteer where Hanan worked to remove emotional blocks. I highly recommend the workshop highly to everyone.”

Mr. M.

“I didn’t know what to expect from the workshop. I’m leaving with new knowledge and new techniques.”

Ms. B.

“I liked absolutely everything. I can’t agree more with what had been said. I use some of it in my daily life. Very nice speech and a lovely place. Very interesting workshop that pointed out today’s world’s wounds and the ways of solving them. Hanan has a very empathetic and professional approach. I recommend to attend.”