─── A bridge to emotional freedom


A bridge to emotional freedom

I’m here for you, to support and help you via individual counselling sessions. I also organise workshops where I share my journey to inner peace. I believe that the emotional stability and harmony that we are born with should be fostered from childhood.





Concerns that my therapy sessions solve

Who would benefit from my therapy sessions

My therapy sessions will help anyone who wants to work on herself/himself. My role is to be your guide, and help you identify your goals. Our thoughts create our emotions and our emotions impact our actions. We want to understand and feel these emotions but still be able to control them, we should never suppress our feelings. During my therapy sessions, you overcome your negative emotions and discover a way to reach your goals. 

We may face some of the following obstacles during our lifetime:

Fear that prevents us from approaching changes (changing jobs, setting boundaries within your personal and work relationships….)
Experiencing extreme stress at work
Feeling that people around us manage everything easily and we are the only ones who are stuck
Feeling anxious and avoiding any activity that might trigger or deepen the anxiety
As a student, every exam is a stressful experience
Feeling sad from a past experience and not being able to overcome it
Feeling guilt quite often, and blaming oneself for words said or actions performed
Migraines or chronic diseases
Phobias like arachnophobia, claustrophobia, fear of heights, flying, or some kinds of food

My therapy sessions are for:

Parents have a really huge influence on their children. Hence, I recommend proceeding with parents first and afterwards with the child. Consent from a parent is needed.

Therapy workflow

As most of our concerns originate in our subconscious, being in deep relaxation or hypnoses during therapy makes a difference. It gives us access to the root of our behavioural patterns. Within the therapy session, we work with your body and subconscious mind simultaneously.

The therapy workflow is as follows:

Therapy sessions are not a substitute for medical treatment.
Please discuss with your physician any medicine or drug withdrawal.

Methods and techniques

The Meridians

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

This method integrates modern psychotherapy with the ancient Chinese medicine, particularly acupuncture, that was practiced 5000 years ago. EFT is also called acupuncture without needles.

Basically, it is about light tapping with fingertips on energy Meridians (acupuncture points), with mantras and affirmations.

EFT is a pleasant and painless method. No side effects and no medication is applied. The effect of the therapy is fast and long lasting. Once a particular issue is solved, it never comes back.

The technique is very simple and easy to learn. You can apply it on yourself between therapies and afterwards as well. This is a huge benefit, as you become your own therapist.

This method was developed by Gary Craig in 1993. Gary believes that our negative emotions are originated in our energy system. By tapping, the energy flow is reactivated. Today, EFT is a recognised and widely used technique worldwide.

QTM - Quantum Transformation of Mind

QTM is a way of transforming the programs that are deeply rooted in our subconsciousness. As each cell in our body vibrates, we take the advantage of quantum physics.

Being in deep relaxation (Alpha status) while repeating the right affirmations, opens the gate to our subconsciousness. Positive affirmations are saved in our subconscious mind replacing the old limiting patterns.

Similarly, as in the EFT method, we tap on several acupuncture points simultaneously during the therapy session. This leads to stress relief both in the body and the mind and hence the energy flow in our body is harmonised.

Transformation psychology is a holistic approach of working with our psyche, soma and energetic system.

The author of the QTM technique is Barbora Studena from the Transformation Psychology Institute in the Czech Republic.

NLP - Neurolinguistic Programming

The technique is based on creating and designing the right thoughts and behaviour patterns that help professionals in various fields to achieve their goals. 

Visualisation is considered to be a very important tool that we can acquire and use within our emotional hygiene. We can apply NLP vastly, for example, to model the future (reality) that we desire, to improve our communication, or for motivation.